Section 529 College Savings Plans

Section 529 College Savings Plans offer families an effective way to save for college costs including tuition, books and room and board. The advantages to 529 Plans include portability, tax advantages, age-based asset allocation and professionally managed portfolios. However, there are some disadvantages as well. For more information on these drawbacks and who should consider a 529 Plan, read this Financial Strategy.

IRS Notices—What to Do

IRS notices are common; however, most taxpayers dread receiving one. A notice usually covers very specific issues and contains instructions on how to deal with it or a number to call if you have any questions. For more information about IRS notices and what to do if you receive one, read this C.P.A. Insight.

The Deadline is Here and My 1099 is Not

If you find yourself waiting on a 1099 form before you attempt to calculate your income tax return, you may be able to proceed without the missing form. In many cases, it is possible to find the necessary information using other sources. For more information on the different types of 1099 forms and where you might find accurate information if your form is missing, read this C.P.A. Insight.

Steps to Follow to Change State of Residency

When moving to a new state, you should take a few key steps to change your state of residency other than completing a change of address form at the post office. You should notify any social or religious organizations, creditors, the department of motor vehicles and the Clerk of the Circuit Court to name a few. For more places where you should make changes to your state of residency, read this Financial Strategy.