Capital Gains

Capital gains can have a serious impact on your tax situation. It is advisable to plan ahead, as present law provides different tax rates for different types of property with rules provided by a complex tax code. For more information on capital gains and their treatment, read this C.P.A. Insight.

Tax Credit for Golf Carts?

When you hire a tax adviser, you are paying for more than the preparation and filing of your returns. A tax adviser’s job is to be creative enough to structure your financial situation to take advantage of as many deductions as possible. For more information on how to work with a tax adviser and what your responsibilities are, read this C.P.A. Insight.

2009 Stimulus Making Work Pay Tax Credit—Underlying Issues

As part of 2009’s stimulus package, the federal tax withholding tables were adjusted. However, these adjustments created an underlying issue of potentially underpaying federal income taxes. While the IRS attempted to readjust and reissue withholding tables, some taxpayers may still be affected. For more information on how these changes may affect you, read this C.P.A. Insight.,/p>