Case Study: Mid-Year is the Time to Factor in Tax Reform Changes

Tax Manager John Dickson, C.P.A., CFP®, CVA, joins Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, and K.C. Smith, CFP®, to highlight some of the major changes from tax reform that will affect nearly everyone’s 2018 taxes. He discusses what you should watch out for, moves you should consider if you know you’re losing some itemized deductions, and how tax projections can help you determine how to best position your money.

Case Study: Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Have Changed the Insurance Landscape

This week, Chief Investment Officer Troy Harmon, CFA, CVA, is joined by Managing Associate Shawna Theriault, C.P.A., CFP®, CDFA®, and Director of Insurance Planning, Jim Crone, CLU®, CFS®. Jim leads a discussion on long-term care insurance, and the options investors have when shopping for LTC coverage, including traditional carriers and hybrid policies.