Money Talks – November 2, 2019

This week on “Money Talks,” your hosts discuss the week’s market movement, the Fed’s recent interest rate cut, and the language used to indicate the Fed’s possible actions going forward. They also cover the yield curve and personal income. In this week’s case study, the experts discuss the desire to pay off one’s house, a common want among those about to retire. They take a look at the math and the psychology behind this “sleep better at night” scenario and then apply the Ten Year Rule to this common situation.

Money Talks – October 26, 2019

This week on “Money Talks,” the experts discuss housing news with Existing Home Sales, Mortgage Applications, and New-Home Sales. They also comment on the upcoming Fed meeting where it is suspected the Fed may cut interest rates again. The hosts discuss some important estate planning documents everyone should have in order. Finally, they round out the show with listeners’ questions on the effect of Zantac’s recall on drugmakers Sanofi and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories; taking out a reverse mortgage, and the streaming services offered by Netflix, Apple, and Disney.

Money Talks – October 19, 2019

This week on “Money Talks,” the hosts discuss year-to-date sector performance, interest rates and the yield curve, and consumer sentiment. They also take a closer look at a situation for a couple of investors who have bought and sold several different types of assets throughout the year. They discuss the holding periods and how they affect the capital gains treatment. The experts also answer a listener’s question on Vanguard funds and provide some pros and cons about credit cards.