IRA Contributions for High-Income Earners

For most high-income earners, the decision to make an IRA contribution is a personal one. One significant benefit of contributing to a Traditional IRA is the tax-deferred growth; however a significant drawback is the growth portion of future distributions is taxed as regular income. For the benefits and drawbacks of IRA contributions for high-income earners, read this Financial Strategy.

Credit Freeze

Legislation in Georgia has made credit freezes an effective and economical way to curb identity theft. Credit freezes lock your credit records so that no one other than you can establish new credit in your name. For more on credit freezes and how they differ from fraud alerts, read this Financial Strategy.

Identity Theft

Your identity can be stolen in many obvious places, such as businesses you patronize, your mailbox or directly from you. It is virtually impossible to eliminate the risk of identity theft. For more information on how thieves may potentially obtain your information and how you can minimize your risk of becoming a victim, read this Financial Strategy.

Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Plans

One of the many ways to pay for a college education is a Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan. This plan allows you to lock in tuition at the current rate. One caveat to this plan is that it is considered a parental asset, causing a dollar-for-dollar reduction in financial aid eligibility. For a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a prepaid tuition plan, read this Financial Strategy.

Little Known Tax Strategy Could Save Tax Dollars for Millions

If you are retiring and hold a significant amount of your company’s stock in your qualified retirement plan, you can choose to elect a special tax treatment for the distribution called net unrealized appreciation. Before you make this election, you’ll need to compare your tax liability on the distribution to future tax costs. For more information on this strategy, read this Financial Strategy.