Trips That Mix Business with Pleasure

You traveled to Aspen to sign a contract with a client on Thursday, but you stayed until Sunday to enjoy some time on the ski slopes to celebrate the deal. Before you write the entire trip off as a business expense, there are a few circumstances that need to be examined before determining deductibility. For more information on trips that mix business with pleasure, read this C.P.A. Insight.

Tax Issues with Inherited IRAs

If you are a non-spouse beneficiary of an IRA, the IRS has very specific rules as to how the IRA must be treated to avoid immediate taxation. Tax planning is a must as once mistakes have been made, they cannot be undone, which could result in loosing thousands of dollars to taxes. For more information on how an inherited IRA should be treated, read this C.P.A. Insight.

Planning for Inflation

It is no surprise that investors are worried about inflation in the current economic environment, as many of the moves by the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve could lead to above average inflation if left in place too long. For information on how to protect your portfolio against the prospects of future inflation, read this Financial Tip of the Week.