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Lifetime Learning Credit 

If you have children, who have been in college for more than two years, or if you plan on attending college yourself, the Lifetime Learning Credit may be an option to ease some of the cost of tuition. The Lifetime Learning Credit is family based and offers, for an unlimited number of years, an allowable credit of up to $2,000 per tax return per year. For more information on the Lifetime Learning Credit, its benefits and eligibility requirements, read this C.P.A insight.


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Georgia Driver Education Tax Credit

If your teen is learning to drive, consider looking into the Georgia driver education income tax credit.


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Is My Child's Scholarship Taxable? 

Ben Crowe, CFP®, CFA, C.P.A., joins “Money Talks” to provide his guidance on whether a scholarship is taxable.


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Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

Tax expert Dan DiLuzio, C.P.A. joins “Money Talks” to discuss some of the commonly overlooked tax deductions.


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Georgia State Income Tax Deductions and Credits

Tax expert Tammie Hendricks, C.P.A., CVA joins “Money Talks” to discuss some of the tax credits and deductions available to those who pay Georgia state income tax.


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